Customer Service Call Center

Dedicated to improving the patient experience by providing quality care and attention to detail with every call answered.

At DHMSO, taking care of our members and assisting our provider offices is a priority. Our Customer Service Call Center is a valuable aspect of the patient/member experience, ensuring that questions are answered and all services associated with their care are handled in a friendly and efficient manner. This team handles the verification of eligibility and benefits, modifications, extensions, and verification of authorizations, verification and processing of claims and more!

In 2020, our Customer Service Call Center received and addressed
over 224,000 calls:

Authorizations:           88,284
Members:                       46,342
Claims:                             58,434
Eligiblity/Benefits:    20,835
Miscellaneous:              10,217
                           Total:     224,112

A testimonial from a member working with one of our representatives on an authorization for a surgeon consult in August 2020:

Not only is Stacey incredibly friendly, she is a super lovely person to deal with! She just went so above and beyond to find out ways to help and offered to reach out to [the hospital] for me. DHMSO has a really incredible person working for you!  And I just wanted to say what an asset Stacey is on every level. Thank you all for helping me take care of this!


661.716.7100 or 800.414.5860


661.716.7100 or 800.414.5860


661.716.7100 or 800.414.5860

Medi-Cal (GEM, IMG-K, IMG-T)

661.716.7270 or 800.918.7302